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January 1, 2018


A BookTalk Group I participate in just "talked" about the picture book Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol. Here are my thoughts:

The illustrations are part of the fun. My first impression of the old woman is that she must be thinking, “I did not sign up for this.”

I like how she is on a mission to complete the sweaters, but she does not shirk her responsibilities. Before she leaves she makes her bed, sweeps the floorboards, and takes time to enjoy a cup of tea.

As she is leaving, the villagers oblivious to her frustration, are wondering what is wrong with the old girl.

I love her determination as she travels through the woods, up the mountains, onto the moon, and into the wormhole. (Fun fantastical twist!)

Did you notice the curious mountain goat that followed her all the way to the moon?

With the sweaters completed, she leaves the void cleaner than she found it, and again enjoys a cup of tea before making the journey home where she belongs.

Home is the same, but she is refreshed and satisfied.

I might need a trip to the moon.

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