Trine Grillo

About Me


I bet you are wondering how to pronounce my name. It's "Tree'-na."  I was named after my great-grandmother Trine who was from the Scandinavian country of Norway. (I am writing a book about her.) 

My reason for writing is to touch children, young and old, with God's Spirit of love, empowerment, truth, and encouragement through my stories, articles, and poems.

I was a homeschooling mom and have taught elementary school students for many years. My kids and my students teach me much more than I ever will ever them. I am so proud of them. I save many of their stories, poems, and art projects which I use as examples in my classes and peruse often for inspiration. I am confident we will see some of their names in print one day.

  Are you one of my former students?
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I am the oldest of six children in my family. We grew up in Illinois with lots of relatives and friends around us. From them I have a great many story ideas. My favorite place in my hometown is the library. It is a large beautiful building of brick and stone that was built around 1905. I spent as much time there as I could and I still take a trip to it when I visit Illinois.

I now live in North Idaho with my husband and close to family. When I am not writing stories for children, I'm reading them! I love to spend time outdoors, watch the sky, follow the moon, and hike around this beautiful part of our country.